README 模板:Project Name

Additional information or tag line
A brief description of your project, what it is used for.

Installing / Getting started

A quick introduction of the minimal setup you need to get a hello world up & running.
commands here
Here you should say what actually happens when you execute the code above.


Built With

List main libraries, frameworks used including versions (React, Angular etc...)


What is needed to set up the dev environment. For instance, global dependencies or any other tools. include download links.

Setting up Dev

Here's a brief intro about what a developer must do in order to start developing the project further:
git clone https://github.com/your/your-project.git
cd your-project/
packagemanager install
And state what happens step-by-step. If there is any virtual environment, local server or database feeder needed, explain here.


If your project needs some additional steps for the developer to build the project after some code changes, state them here. for example:
make install
Here again you should state what actually happens when the code above gets executed.

Deploying / Publishing

give instructions on how to build and release a new version In case there's some step you have to take that publishes this project to a server, this is the right time to state it.
packagemanager deploy your-project -s server.com -u username -p password
And again you'd need to tell what the previous code actually does.


We can maybe use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the link to tags on this repository.


Here you should write what are all of the configurations a user can enter when using the project.


Describe and show how to run the tests with code examples. Explain what these tests test and why.
Give an example

Style guide

Explain your code style and show how to check it.

Api Reference

If the api is external, link to api documentation. If not describe your api including authentication methods as well as explaining all the endpoints with their required parameters.


Explaining what database (and version) has been used. Provide download links. Documents your database design and schemas, relations etc...